Our first spay/neuter health clinic was held in Bacavi, AZ in August 2016.  Since then, we have sterilized 500+ animals . . . . . . . . . . . ONE DOG AT A TIME.

We cannot do this essential work without help.  Learn more about our partners in three states. 


Donating is more than just time or money, it's peace of mind. Now you can help with even the smallest donation.


WHOs NEXT? – Contact us if you see a malnourished or injured dog on the Hopi Tribe Reservation.  We can help!

A FEW OF OUR rescues

A message from Alexandra >>>
"Hi.  I am Alexandra and i am 6 years old.  I have three adopted dogs and live in a suburb north of Chicago, IL.  I have two moms.  My first dog I adopted was Maya, the alpha, then Molly and next Hopi.  I created this website because I got my dog, Hopi at the Third Mesa on the Hopi Indian Reservation when he was skinny and starving to death. I want to be an animal rescuer and don't want to wait until I am grown up. Thats why I started this organization at age 6. While visiting the Hopi Tribe last summer, I met with Maxine, a Native American of the Hopi Tribe.  We are working together to help the dogs of the Hopi Tribe."

Her Plea >>>
Donate at least a dollar and help save a puppy.  " 
Adopt a cute puppy or dog and you will make a big difference.  You will save that puppy from starving and coldness and rain storms."  100% of the donations go directly to veterinary fees incurred post-rescue or spaying/neutering for population control.  "This is a powerful organization," says Alexandra. 


Hopi Dog Rescue

When Alexandra visited the Hopi Tribe during the summer of 2012, she was very concerned about the great number of hungry, injured and even starving dogs.  Buying a bag of dog biscuits to distribute was simply not enough.  After seeing an article in the Hopi Tutuveni Newspaper, she wanted to make a call to Maxine, who was asking for help.  After meeting with Maxine, Alexandra vowed to do what she could to help change the future for all dogs in the Hopi land.  She hopes to start small and finish BIG.

HOPI– Our first rescue during the Summer of 2012 from the Bacavi, AZ.  Hopi now lives a comfortable life in Highland Park, IL with Alexandra.

BENNY– Rescued from the 2nd Mesa in July of 2014 thanks to your donations and the love and wisdom of our newest friends and supporters from Berkley, CA!