friends & partners

Asavet Charities, Coconino Humane Association, Best Friends Animal Society and Soul Dog Rescue are doing amazing work all over the SouthWest and we are honored to partner with them. We are working with these organizations who provide vaccinations, loan cages, leashes and food for our rescues. It certainly does take a village.

Hopi Dog Rescue

The Hopi Tribe >>>
The Hopi Tribe is located on over 2 million acres in northeastern Arizona. It is bordered on all four sides by the Navajo Tribe Reservation where it is estimated that there are over 160,000 stray cats and dogs. According to Hopi beliefs, fences are not allowed on the reservation which makes it difficult to control domestic as well as feral animal populations.  Although some effort has been exerted to control animal over-population both individually and tribally, the Hopi Tribe still needs immediate assistance with adoptions and future help with establishing a prolific spay and neuter program. This vision is our mission.